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Re: [APD] Re: BGA advice

Rick Engstrom wrote:

wrong, completely and utterly wrong at least in my case. I have worked hard
to maintain my planted tank for several years. I have followed advice
offered to me to the T. I prune, I fluff, I dose, I do 50% water changes. I
use a magnet almost daily to remove algae from the glass. This is my show
tank in my living room and the first thing that visitors see when they come
in my house.


I don't get algea like that. I did only once get BGA when this tank was initially set up in it's first 6 months. Currently I get some misc spotteed algea on the leaves and glass. I clean the glass once every month or so when the algea starts to become a hinderance to the view. I do maybe a %25 water change every 2-4 weeks with a python when vacuuming gravel. Only clean out the Ehiem canister once every 2-3 months wether it needs it or not *laugh*. I use about 5mL PMDD for ferts around once per week and use Iron as an idicator for all fert levels, keeping it between .1 to .25 ppm. KH is 85ppm, and pH 6.7. My system is currently light limited to 1.7 watts/gal of compact fluorescent lighting at 8000k I believe.

Currently I'm not satisfied with my plant condtions, they could be better. Likely need to add more KN03 than I do.

- Chris.

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