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RE: [APD] Re: BGA advice

"_Tom you have helped me out a lot and my plants are doing reasonably well. I
keep my CO2 levels up around 30ppm. I dose 1/2 tsp of KN03 x 3 weekly. I'm
doing 15 mls of Flourish 3 x week, I add potassium sulfate after water
changes. I do 50% weekly water changes and I still get green algae on the
glass, not the spot algae but the stuff that is easy to remove. I try dosing
more, I try dosing less, it is still there. I do think I need to up my KN03
to perhaps 3/4 tsp 3 x week as I tested with a Seachems kit yesterday and my
levels appear to be just barely 5 ppm. Wish I could get rid of the stuff but
it always seems to haunt me no matter what I do.


Soft fur like algae?
Generally I have no issues with it, I clean it off and then do my water change.
Blackout does hurt it, Filtering after scrubbing it, using less light, directing the lighting away from the front of the glass would be a massive help.

I'm not sure why light spread and reflectors are not better designed here. We want the light to go anywhere but the glass.

Try every other day dosing for the macro and micro's.
You can back a little later. 1/2 teaspoon on a 75 is fine. 
I'd ignore your NO3 test kit for now.

As you can tell, the measurements are not telling you what you need to know, the algae on the other hand is.
Same with the plants. 

The tank might need a few weeks to balance out completely after a large change and cleaning.
Generally the milder algae issue go away if you keep after it. 

Carefully cleanign first, top to bottom always, and then a light gravel vacuum, and pruning swiching and fluffing the plants good, then run a UV or a Diatom if you have one can foer 24 hours after the water change helps.

Some have drained their tanks down and then wiped with a paper towel and remove it physically.
Then do the other stuff.

Soft light green algae can be annoying, I have not been able to keep it growing in my tanks for more than 4 weeks.

I think if things balance out and the tank is well taken care of, pruned, dosed etc, these algae tend to go away and if not, giving them some help with the above suggestions seems to give them the hint.

Tom Barr



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