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At 07:52 PM 3/1/2005 +1100, you wrote:
>what most members seem to sumise is that BGA is an algae. It is not it is a

I'm pretty sure most people here know this.

And they're not really true bacteria (Schizophytes) they're in their
own little autotrophic group (Cyanophytes) in kingdom Monera.

Erythromyacin probably works well, but h202 is cheaper and you
don't need a script. Used properly it won't hurt anything. Tom's
blackout method is better if you can get to work; h202 is a last
resort for when it doesn't or when you can't blackout a tank.

Using antibiotics for anything except saving an animale
life is irresponsible; it causes (other) bacteria to build up
a resistance.

Plus (and this applies to h202 as well) cyanobacteria when
killed quickly can release toxins; large water changes are
a good idea. 

Of course with sufficient circulation and competing plant
growth it shouldn't come back.


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