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[APD] Re: Small diameter fish food binders?-a bit off-topic.

They make cyclopeeze in flake form as well.  I'm loving this food, as
it's working well for growth in fry.  The only problem I have with it
is that it's expensive.  Especially the flake form.

I would think you could use it in a Gel food recipe and feed that to
your discus.

Nick Ternes
Port Washington, WI

I considered gelatin, but have read concerns about it and fish digestive
system problems, although discus eat beefheart, and gelatin is basically
protein molecules derived from cow hooves and hides, I think.

There was talk about using a gelatin substitue made from seaweed. I found
some, brand name Agar-Agar, a Japanese product. I thought this might be one
way to try, since at least the binder is of aquatic origin. I just got done
mixing some up and it is in the freezer cooling and congealing as I type.


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