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[APD] DIY CO2 System

I have been researching yeast/sugar CO2 systems, and I noted one person recommended a liquid/solids trap be placed in the CO2 outlet line. This would be a chamber with an inlet tube and an outlet tube, with nothing but gas in the chamber. The idea was that liquids and yeast solids would be separated from the gas so as not to get into the aquarium. My thought is that a fairly large bubble counter would do the same job, and also remove a big percentage of the alcohol fumes too. Of course the bubble counter water would need replacing periodically. Does anyone know if this is an effective way of "cleaning up" the CO2? And, is it worth being concerned about? When I can afford the one time cost I will switch over to a pressurized CO2 system, but probably for a year I will stick to the DIY system.

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