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RE: [APD] Re: Heating water for water changes

"Metals can build up in your water heater.  You're probably OK if you flush 
it a couple of times a year.  Otherwise, your fish can suffer depending on 
the metal content in the water that comes from your water heater.

Marshall Cameron
Lincoln, Ne"

I'm puzzled by all this concern over water from a water heater??

How exactly do metals build up in a water heater?  Keep in mind that a water
heater (at least mine) is constantly being flushed with new water as you use
hot water.  It's not like its always the same water sitting in a metal
container being boiled over and over again for years. :-)  In any case I
have a hard time imagining a water heater slowly "dissolving" into the water
it holds.

I have never "flushed" my water heater.  I don't even think my water heater
has a "flushing" function.

Never had a problem in 20 years of fish (and plant) keeping...

Just my two cents!

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