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[APD] Re: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 18, Issue 52

when I get the courage up I am going to try drilling a hole in the head of
my fluval cannister and silicone in a rigid airline so the CO2 will be fed
into the impeller after the filter media.  Jim				   
I used that method for a year or more. I found the Eheim did get some 
> airlock.  Also, it's disputable, but I came to the conclusion that 
> feeding co2 into your filter bed was perhaps not the best idea.  I read 
> discussion on the fact that it may negatively impact the nitrifying 
> bacteria. So,  I couldn't have that nag at the back of my mind all the 
> time.   Besides this new method seems to be just as effective and the 
> only intrusion into the tank is 2cm of tubing which is not visible.  I'm 

> convinced so far this is the best method I've come across. It even 
> defies the good/fast/cheap law.
> - Chris.
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