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Re: [APD] Re:Erik's reply to my comments about quotes and other stuff

I realize this is off the normal topic of the list, but so is the rest
of this discussion...

I have been using Gmail (Google's webbased email) to send and read
email. For lists and long discussions it is excellent, as it
automatically threads all discussions and hides quoted text.

It is accessible via the web and allows 1GB storage of messages.

It is a free service but it is in beta and as such you may not join
without an invitation. I currently have many of these (50) so if
anyone would like to try it please let me know off list.

I have routed all my list traffic thru it for a while, since it
generally offers a much better reading experience than outlook or
hotmail. There are ads, but they are text only (no flash stuff) and
are always (usually) relevant to the subject in your email.

In addition to this you may use a powerful text searcher to find
messages... it is fairly easy to locate old messages even though you
may have 1000+ messages saved in your box. Right now, I have 580 some
messages from this list alone, stored in my email. Makes referring to
old messages really easy.

David Noal
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