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[APD] Back Issues of PAM

Chuck wrote:

Speaking of great magazines that are now sadly defunct, are there any plans
at AGA to offer Dave Gomberg's late, great "Planted Aquaria Magazine"
collection on CD like has been done with the old TAG issues?

There would be the same sorts of problems doing that as with Aquarium Heute. The DVD collection of old TAG's is a lower-cost alternative to reprints. In the past, AGA reprinted Volume 4 in its entirety in one volume so that this material remained available to our members. Now that DVD is a widely accepted format, and its use makes it possible to also include a searchable index, both by author and subject, it made much more sense to do it in that format than to reprint in paper. (cost aside) But it is still TAG, in every sense of the word. Every page is actually scanned in and available just as it appeared originally. AGA has the clear right to do this.

While AGA purchased all the back issues of PAM, and in the agreement replaced left-over PAM subscriptions to AGA memberships, as far as I remember there were no other rights acquired at that time. Nor, as far as I know, were any arrangements made with the authors past original publication in PAM. (Dave might remember better than I on this point)

But the other, easier answer is that except for one issue (POSSIBLY two), PAM back issues are still available via the AGA book store. You are right, there is a tremendous amount of good information available in PAM, and any serious aquatic gardener should make it a point to acquire a set. Dave set in motion the wheels that brought us TAG in color, and I for one am very appreciative of the hard work he did putting out two years worth of a tremendous magazine. I learned a lot about what made a good color magazine from Dave, and while TAG is not just a continuation of PAM... it definitely has its own "flavor", I think that anyone who enjoyed PAM will also enjoy TAG!


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