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Re: Swords as houseplants (was Re: [APD] New leaves are white)

Gomer said:
> I then put the sword in a humidity enclosure
> and out came tons more leaves.  perhaps "swamping"
> the roots might change that?

Gomer, so you're saying it would work in a terrarium?

I'm thinking of setting up a terrarium with Anubias
plants since my submerged Anubias have always made
such wonderful homes for spot and black algae.

I've also got a really spectacular submerged sword that
doesn't fit in my tank anymore. I just pulled it out, but
am so attached to it that I cannot bring myself sell it. So
I'm thinking of putting in the terrarium with the
Anubias. My plans are to create a "waterfall" from the
filter outflow or if that doesn't work, use a pump, to
increase humidity.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.


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