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[APD] RE: Sword house plants

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> Subject: Swords as houseplants  (was Re: [APD] New leaves are white)
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> David Noal said:
> > I have almost all Sword plants in my 20g tank. I treat them as
> What do you mean by "treating them as houseplants"? Are you growing them
emersed in humid conditions? 
> Shireen Gonzaga/Baltimore, MD
> whimbrel at comcast_net

Many will do very well in dry almost desert like conditions, eg E. berteroi
from Santa Barbara county grows well in 100 F and 20% RH.
Roots need to be wet, but the plants are able to grow just fine.
Many swords from the Matogrosso and other regions are similar.
The receding banks of rivers are often wicked hot and dry during parts of
the season.
They have those huge roots to keep from being blasted downstream.
Crypts and Anubias(they like more humidity but some species do well) are
similar in many respects. 
They like periods of dryness. 

Tom Barr 

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