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[APD] Downoi on Aquabid

Hi folks,
I just posted Pogostemon helferi, aka Downoi, in the "Rooted Plants" section
of Aquabid. I posted about placing this last month, then AquaBid went down
for a couple weeks.

This plant is beautiful. Great for the Amano style tank. Nowhere near as
delicate as I had been led to believe. The pic in the auction is from my
tank. If you want to see the plants in larger detail, please pm me. I had to
cut the pic size down greatly in order to place it in the ad.

Downoi responds very well to bright light and CO2. I use Eco-Complete as the

Sorry if this is a shameless plug, but just to let rare plant lovers know
that US grown P. helferi is now available, albeit in very limited
quantities. I am growing more.


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