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[APD] Substrate

I am buliding a 20 Gal Palnted tank next to my Desk.
It has 80watts of light (65w PC @ 6500k, 15 watts NO @ 8000k *i think)
I am going to use the DIY CO2 injection. (2L sodda bottle + sugar water + yeast).

My question is on what type of of substrate to use, I am thinking of mixing a bag of "Eco-Complete planted aquarium substrate" in with the gravel I already have.... (they both are black so it should match nicely)

While talking to my LFS I was told the water here has a plant unfreindly "Carbon to Hardness".
the LFS tested tap water and it came back to a bit shy of 2. What does this mean to me? The LFS said that I wanted to get my planted tanks carborn to hardness to about 5..... what should I do, will the eco-complete fix this? Or what else do you recommend I add (besides a large test kit)...

Thanks. Mark S.

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