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Re: [APD] Filter/Pumping question

In series, two pumps will increase the pressure but not the
flow. In parrallel, the flow is increased but not the
pressure. Since canister filters operate with such low
water pressure, just a few psi, putting them in series is
not likely to do much given the increased flow resistance
each pump will see (i.e., the other filter) if you put them
in series.

--- Jim Stimmel <jimstimmel at yahoo_com> wrote:

> I have a filter/pumping question for you gadget gurus out
> there.  
> I am adding a Marineland Magnum 350 canister filter to my
> 2 year old 125
> gallon planted tank and I am trying to figure out if I
> should connect it
> in-line with my Eheim 2217 or on its own.  I will run the
> Magnum with the
> pleated micron filter in it all the time.  
> Here is my setup.  The tank is 125 long with two Eheim
> 2217 canisters - each
> intentionally filled with only bio media and no fine
> foam.  The tank is
> heavily planted and has about 50 fish - mostly tetras,
> with a few SAEs,
> otos, corys and oddballs I can't catch.  I dose
> fertilizers regularly and
> inject CO2 with an Aqua-Medic 1000 reactor on the suction
> side of one of the
> 2217s.  All is well except that I really like sparkling
> clear water.  I use
> a diatom filter about once a month and love the way the
> tank looks
> afterward.  On another tank I run a Marineland H.O.T. 250
> micron filter 24/7
> (also with an Eheim 2217) and it does a great job keeping
> the water crystal
> clear.  Based on that, I just bought a Magnum 350
> canister that uses the
> same pleated micron filter which I plan to run full time
> on my 125 tank.  
> Now, I can just hook the Magnum 350 up to the 125 tank
> with its own tubes or
> I can connect it inline with one of the Eheims.  I would
> rather not have
> another set of tubes in the tank and I would like to
> increase the flow
> through the Eheim w/ the CO2 reactor (I get about 125-150
> gph through it
> now).  If I put the two canisters in series with both
> running, will I get
> much more flow or is the tubing, reactor, valves,
> biomedia and pleated
> filter likely just too much resistance to allow much more
> flow?  And if I do
> connect them in series, should I put the Magnum ahead of
> the Eheim or after?
> Sure, I can just "try it and see" but I am want to try
> the most promising
> method first.  I am thinking about trying it in series
> with the Magnum first
> (btw - the suction line has a foam prefilter).  This way
> the Eheim gets
> mechanically filtered water and will stay clean longer
> (if not forever ;-0).
> Am I crazy?  Okay that may be a silly question, but do
> you think this setup
> the best route to go of the choices I am considering.  
> P.S.  Those of you out there using NO filters, please
> don't beat me up.  I
> love the mechanics of aquarium keeping too.
> Jim   
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