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Re: [APD] unknown algae

At 02:54 PM 2/3/2005 -0500, you wrote:
>Richard, I had this same thing a couple of years ago. Been trying to find
>the pictures and what it was. I actually sent some to a scientist in
>Singapore who wanted some. It was a kind of fungus, not commonly seen in
>aquariums. Too bad you did the water change. If you had let it continue you
>would have been totally freaked out to find that it moves. Mine grew and
>moved all the way across a 29 gallon tank. Some crept across the bottom of
>the tank. If I can find the old email and pics about it I will send them to
>you. And yes, it really was mobile.
>David Ramsey  Lawrenceville, GA
>djramsey at earthlink_net

Hey David;
Yeah, that's right it did move. It didn't grow where I photgraphed it
that's where it ended up. I didn't mention it earleir because I figured
nobody would believe me as I didn't believe me.


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