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[APD] Filter/Pumping question

I have a filter/pumping question for you gadget gurus out there.  


I am adding a Marineland Magnum 350 canister filter to my 2 year old 125
gallon planted tank and I am trying to figure out if I should connect it
in-line with my Eheim 2217 or on its own.  I will run the Magnum with the
pleated micron filter in it all the time.  


Here is my setup.  The tank is 125 long with two Eheim 2217 canisters - each
intentionally filled with only bio media and no fine foam.  The tank is
heavily planted and has about 50 fish - mostly tetras, with a few SAEs,
otos, corys and oddballs I can't catch.  I dose fertilizers regularly and
inject CO2 with an Aqua-Medic 1000 reactor on the suction side of one of the
2217s.  All is well except that I really like sparkling clear water.  I use
a diatom filter about once a month and love the way the tank looks
afterward.  On another tank I run a Marineland H.O.T. 250 micron filter 24/7
(also with an Eheim 2217) and it does a great job keeping the water crystal
clear.  Based on that, I just bought a Magnum 350 canister that uses the
same pleated micron filter which I plan to run full time on my 125 tank.  


Now, I can just hook the Magnum 350 up to the 125 tank with its own tubes or
I can connect it inline with one of the Eheims.  I would rather not have
another set of tubes in the tank and I would like to increase the flow
through the Eheim w/ the CO2 reactor (I get about 125-150 gph through it
now).  If I put the two canisters in series with both running, will I get
much more flow or is the tubing, reactor, valves, biomedia and pleated
filter likely just too much resistance to allow much more flow?  And if I do
connect them in series, should I put the Magnum ahead of the Eheim or after?


Sure, I can just "try it and see" but I am want to try the most promising
method first.  I am thinking about trying it in series with the Magnum first
(btw - the suction line has a foam prefilter).  This way the Eheim gets
mechanically filtered water and will stay clean longer (if not forever ;-0).
Am I crazy?  Okay that may be a silly question, but do you think this setup
the best route to go of the choices I am considering.  


P.S.  Those of you out there using NO filters, please don't beat me up.  I
love the mechanics of aquarium keeping too.







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