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[APD] Fast growth and Calcium gluconate

I've been experimenting with Borax and CaCl2 to cure 
somewhat twisted new growth on my extremely fast 
growing Ludwigia glandulosa.

I didn't notice any difference at all with Borax and very
high dosages of TMG or NutriSi (eqivalent of CSM+B), 
but with CaCl2 most leaves of all my plants got bigger,
but the somewhat distorted new leaves on my
glandulosa remains.

New glandulosa growth on shadier places with
less growth rates does not get this distorted growth
and I stumbled over this on the internet:
where ejb190 mentions NASA research on
fast growing lettuce. 

Four questions.

1) Calcium is hard to move fast enough inside the plant?

2) I continued searching and found this:
. which suggest Calcium gluconate would be
 easier for the plant to use than CaCl2?

3) Is this true?

4) I've seen somewhat nicer growth with Seachem Flourish,
and I know it uses Ferrous gluconate but does Flourish 
contain Calcium gluconate?

// Daniel

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