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[APD] Re: DANGER and where to get..

(snip)I thought everyone who might be tempted to tell Sarah what suppliers
be avoided on the list, might open thehemselves and the list to a lawsuit.
know of one club whose members were discussing on a list about a supplier.
list and some of its members were sued.  I don't know if it has been
resolved, but to be on the safe side and not putting this list in jeopardy,
recommend replying to the individual (Sarah) privately to her own e-mail

Carol Ross(snip)I'm going to assume Sandra is a real person, but if she
wasn't this sounds like a certain you know who's old ploy of baiting this
list for more people to sue.I hate to say it, but since I don't know her
from this list I wouldn't give any vendor's names except those I have had
positive experiences with in the wake of the lawsuit some members of this
list have had to deal with.I don't guess any Vendor would want to sue
someone for praising them, hehehe!You never know, though!Regards,Dave

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