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Re: [APD] RE: Actinics and other things to darken (or lighten) your life

>BTW, MH is much cheaper when you DIY... Aquarium stores and the 
>aquarium-specific manufacturers seem to think they should be able to charge 
>a *lot* for the things, and apparently a lot of people are willing to pay it...

Oh I know. A 175W system with a $60 bulb just sold on ebay for $112 a few
hours ago. But, see, when we moved into this place it came with a 
barnfull of crap inclusing a 70W HPS and a 150W MV. For four
bucks a month (at todays electricity rates) I can light something
up with these no matter how many MH systems I want or have.

I'm setting up to 90G tanks that will have primarily CF with some sunlight
from the window above and behind them (oh, what a coincidnece THAT'S there,
not) and I was thinking of incorporating these, although, even by themselves
those two totally inappropriate lights would wofk very well together by the
virtue of the yellow and bluw combining to look like white and with enough
luminous output to stinulate some serious plant growth. 

So, I wouldn't dicoursge anybody from using both, or even either one really.
What matter is luminous flux per dollar and bugger the spectrum. If ya
got'em use 'em.


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