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Re: [APD] Bamboo shrimp requirements (Bill Wells)

>I don't know the normal life span, of the bamboo shrimp. I think the 
>"Ghost" shrimps  have a life span under 3 years so I wouldn't expect the 
>bamboo shrimp to have a very long life span.  I have had mine a year and 
>a half and it was a large size when I got it so it is probably an "old 
>man" by now.  They can be very sensitive to copper in the water so if 
>the copper levels in your water supply changed (something that is not 
>unusual in some parts of the USA) that is one possible reason for their 

Ghost shrimps live a year. Bamboo shrimps whould live about 3 years. The
first thing I'd do with a dead shrimp is to see if the alimentary canal
is full of waste. If it's not, why not?


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