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Re: [APD] RE: the BarrReport.com

> Woah, slow down pardner. 

Are you calling me a donkey?:-)

>This bit needs a bit of explanation. When you say
> "macro's"
> I infer you mean  NO3, K, PO4, S, Ca/Mg? What amounts?

See here:

I state what are the macros and the traces.
I state a simple routine for a 20 gal with *high* light.
This can be scaled up to whatever size of tank the person has.
40 gal will be dosed 2x as much 1/2 instead of a 1/4.

Eg 1/4 teaspoon of KNO3 4x a week(everyother day)
5mls of flourish/trace every other day(3 days).

I stated the volumes of KNO3, KH2PO4 and traces per unit volume of Tank
water per unit time.
3 measely things to add.

Add the macro nutrients everyother day(KNO3, KH2PO4-these are the macro's,
GH also but I'm not including that in here, if they have less than 3
degrees, they can add SeaChem Equilibirum or CaCl2/MgSO4 etc)
Add the traces on the off days.

This is the most consistent way to dose since it will be the same
These products are also available everywhere, not just in Japan, or Germany
or the USA.
Even if you are off a little, 1ppm of NO3 is not much(unless you are trying
to keep very low NO3 levels).

> Unrelatedly, referring to units of measure, why we we keep saying "watts
> gallon"
> instead of "watts per square foot", and why aren't we using gram
> measurements for
> things like "a quarter teaspoon" ?

1.67 grams KNO3= one level 1/4 teaspoon, happier?
See Chuck Gadd's calculator if you have dosing issues or want more
precision/wish to make stock solutions.

As far light, I use what has worked well for me. W/gal does work well, even
deeper tanks, few have more than 24" depths, 2w' gal on a 125 gal works
Produces great colors, reds so called high light plants etc do great. 

If you have ever pruned tanks greater than 24" you'll know it's a PITA and
there are other options in the scape to avoid such work. 
These tanks are generally monsters as well, few hobbyist have such large
tanks but even there, 2-3 w/gal works.
Do a  few big tanks and you'll know.10w on a 5 gal is fine etc aslo.If you
have some truly odd shape, well yes, then this may not apply or some weird
bulb/tank size combo.I'd like to have micromoles of photons/m^2/sec for
light units, but that will not happen for the hobbyist.
Besides light/CO2:
You are only adding three basic things:


Add the macro nutrients everyother day(N, P, K)
Add the traces on the off days.

Add all these together at once 2-3x a week with less light if you want.

Do water changes to prevent anything from building up
Dose frequently to prevent anything from running out.

It's very simple.

Even a donkey like me gets it.
Tom Barr

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