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Re: [APD] RE: the BarrReport.com

>So if you add 2x more light, you'll need 2-3x moere nutrients and CO2 is
>the first one to worry about.
>Next is NO3.
>Then K, PO4, S, Ca/Mg etc on down the line. Everything must be scaled up to
>compensate for the increased growth and light.
>Standard 20 gal:
>5 w/gal of PC lighting:
>Day 1:
>50% water change, I add 1/4 teaspoon of KNO3, 1/16" of KH2PO4 right
>Day 2:
>The following next day:
>5 mls of Flourish
>Day 3:
>Same on the macro's
>Day 4:
>Same on the Traces
>Day 5
>Same on the macros
>Day 6:
>Same on the Traces
>Day 7? Water change and same on the macro's.

Woah, slow down pardner. This bit needs a bit of explanation. When you say
I infer you mean  NO3, K, PO4, S, Ca/Mg? What amounts?

Unrelatedly, referring to units of measure, why we we keep saying "watts per
instead of "watts per square foot", and why aren't we using gram
measurements for
things like "a quarter teaspoon" ?


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