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Re: [APD] Re:Re: posting etc

I guess it all depends on one's perspective. Do you look at a email list as being closer to a "conversation"? or as being closer to an "article"?

All depends on the individual and their preference and style.

I tend to look at it as only being maybe a half step above a irc chat. But thats just me. The less time I type, the more I spend reading.

Kinda like expecting Hemingway to write like Isaac Asimov or Mark Twain to write like Shakespeare. It will never happen. Because thats just not who they are.

Also, as much as I like the idea of standardizing important things like plant names, I'm afraid that ideal will fall victim to human nature as well.


Robert H wrote:

I realize that this might rub some folks the wrong way, please direct any

and all flames to damned-if-I-care.com.

While I agree with much of what you said (especially for what to call something since it has effects on how useful a search of the APD archives will be), the way you wrote your post is more of a flame than constructive criticism. For that reason I think a lot of people here will be forwarding your message to the same address.


No offense Kyle, and not to take anything away from Tom, I have often not agreed with what James has said over the years, except this time. I think Tom's Factor will need some serious editing, and many people have always complained about how long or disjointed other peoples cut and paste statements that they are responding to or failing to delte anything from what they are responding to. It is extremely annoying, difficult to follow, and needlessly clutters the archives. People have complained, complained, and complained for as long as I can remember, and yet people still do it. I can remember once when a whole digest from the previous day was repeated THREE times by the same person in one daily digest. It gets to be a little ridiculous.

Yes. It makes a diff also if the reader is getting things

in digest form or singly. In digetst form, threads aren't to hard to trace. If you get the messages one at a time, it often is helpful to have the prior post included.<<

Perhaps if you spend all your time reading every single post from every single digest every day, you can follow it. I don't. I do not need to read the entire post that the response is based on, nor do I need to see the entire previous digest in someones response, just enough so I know the contex of the statement in a clearly written response that is not in some wierd shorthand, acronym or initials that I do not understand the meaning ofl. I don't think Tom takes offense to this, I think his brain races faster than he can type! You make the big bucks Tom, six figures, hire someone to take dictation for you! :) <wink>

Robert Hudson

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