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[APD] How to get rid of BGA?

I know this subject has been talked about plenty before... but I think I may have particular questions that might be different, and I want to make sure I understand what I think I understand, but may not.

OK.. I got a 5g and a 10g near windows, probably getting too much sun.. particulary the 5g which gets a face full of the rising sun every morning. So, they both have acquired alot blue green algae. The 10g doesnt do too badly, mostly because it gets less sun. No, I can't move them.. no where else to put them but in my bedroom and I refuse to listen to pumps and such when trying to sleep. I'd end up peeing in my bed or something with all those moving water noises. ;/

SO anyway, the 10g doesnt get as much sun, and its been around for a while, and it has only a coarse sand substrate so its easy to pick all the plants out and clean it real good.

So, I just bought a co2 reactor so my yeast bottle will have an affect. Based on what I've been reading, mostly from Tom Barr. I have to say I'm totally bias to the minimal effort theories that mimic nature.

Anyway, the 5g will eventually go to work, where there will be no sunlight. So my present plans involve adding co2 and putting a box over it to block the sunlight. But I also read that it was strongly suggested that I remove the "mulm" not to mention the BGA thats there. Which leads to 2 questions.

1. Whats the best way to kill the BGA so it wont be so sticky and easier to remove? H2O2? Bleach? (I've got no problem moving the fish to a bucket for a few days) So, how much bleach or H2O2? Or is there a better way? Keeping in mind that I have alot of a frilly cabomba looking plant that has got BGA all in it like bubblegum in hair all the way to the tops. How do I get the stuff out of this plant?

2. Also, this tank has a soil/sand substrate. So I don't want to remove plants or the driftwood to clean them. So are there any good ways to clean the dead plant detritus and the dead or alive BGA from amongst the plants? My small vac just picks up the sand and drops it back on top of the mulm. The same for my bigger one, which also sucks all the water out of the tank way too quick. Seems like a minature doll sized leaf rake would help.. But I haven't seen such a thing. I might just make one, but I've yet to find the time for that or a number of other things that are more important.

Well, hope I didnt ramble too much. All help is very much appreciated.


   derek parr                          http://www.derekparr.com
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