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RE: [APD] Vallis problems

I don't think it is easy to OD on potassium. And it doesn't
seem to spur algae either. So one doesn't have to worry too
much about addig it without a test kit.

If you are worried, large water changes prevent over
accumulation if you dose within reason.

--- Chris White <criffa at tiscali_co.uk> wrote:

> Is the lack of potassium also consistent with the rotting
> of the leaves?
> I remember when starting to dabble with K2SO4, I hunted
> for a potassium
> test kit, and I think one of them would be next to
> impossible to get
> hold of.  I'm going to see if adding daily doses changes
> anything (I'm
> assuming I should split the weekly dose across 7 days?)
> You mention sticking fern/palm plant spike into the
> roots...  could you
> elaborate please?  How would this help?  What kind of
> fern/palm?  I can
> imagine vals zapping out nutrients, but I wish they could
> zap a little
> more NO3 ;o)
> Chris
> >Sorry, I knew I forgot all the details.  Yes, potassium
> is going into
> >the tank too (as a preparation of K2SO4 at, if my
> calculation are
> >correct, I add enough to get a concentration of 10ml/l K
> per week.
> >Should I be adding more?
> Quite possibly. Can you get a test kit? I've seen val do
> this sometimes
> with
> uneven fetilization, that is it may be using it up all at
> once by
> growing
> at a pretty good rate then it runs out of K and while
> trying to sustain
> large leaf growth, fumbles and makes the deforemd leaves
> characteristic
> of a K deficiency.
> WHat you could tru is dosing daily in small amounts of
> potassium and see
> if
> that changes the nature of the problem.
> Or, stick a fern/palm plant spike in the roots. I've
> found val to be
> an outrageously heavy feeder.
> Only change one thing at once! (Or you'll never know what
> did it)
> Val has always been weird for me. It'll sit there and do
> nothing
> for the longest time, making a crypt look like a fast
> growing plant
> then all off a sudden it explodes and there's val
> everywhere and
> either I yank it all out or concede the fact there's
> nothing but
> val in that tank.
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