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[APD] Setting up CO2 needle valve

Jade wrote:

	On the advice of people here, I purchased a CO2 needle valve (B-SS4 
	FINE METERING VALVE, 1/4" by Swagelok).

	However, I'm completely at loss as to how to set it up. Does anyone 
	have any advice on it?

	It seems like a "compression fitting(?)", but I thought you had to
	something in the tube to make that work?

	Could someone help me with this? I'll put your reply on the web for 
	posterity! :)

If you purchased the valve new, and haven't taken the caps off of the
connections, you should be fine. I have found that the 1/4-inch fittings
will hold standard airline tubing very well. Technically, these valves are
meant to be use with stainless tubing, not copper or brass. When using
stainless and installed correctly, the pressure rating of the connection is
in the thousands of psig.

When using airline tubing, the pressure rating is profoundly affected,
however, it still takes a very hard pull to get the tubing out. At pressures
downstream of the regulator, this is probably not an issue. Just tighten the
cap finger tight, insert the tubing into the fitting, and turn the cap 1 &
1/4 turn. If you are really worried about the integrity, I think you can buy
an insert like you mentioned in your question.

If you have taken the caps off, you must be very careful to get the pieces
back in correctly, or the fitting will not work. If you need more
information on how to reassemble it, let me know, & I will send you a link
to a diagram showing how it goes back together.

Douglas Guynn 
        d.guynn at sbcglobal.net 

"The goal of Incrementalism is to present the depraved or offensive slowly,
progressively, and then more regularly over a period of time so it becomes
apparently normal." - Tammy Bruce

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