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RE: [APD] Vallis problems

>Sorry, I knew I forgot all the details.  Yes, potassium is going into
>the tank too (as a preparation of K2SO4 at, if my calculation are
>correct, I add enough to get a concentration of 10ml/l K per week.
>Should I be adding more?

Quite possibly. Can you get a test kit? I've seen val do this sometimes with
uneven fetilization, that is it may be using it up all at once by growing
at a pretty good rate then it runs out of K and while trying to sustain
large leaf growth, fumbles and makes the deforemd leaves characteristic
of a K deficiency.

WHat you could tru is dosing daily in small amounts of potassium and see if
that changes the nature of the problem.

Or, stick a fern/palm plant spike in the roots. I've found val to be
an outrageously heavy feeder.

Only change one thing at once! (Or you'll never know what did it)

Val has always been weird for me. It'll sit there and do nothing
for the longest time, making a crypt look like a fast growing plant
then all off a sudden it explodes and there's val everywhere and
either I yank it all out or concede the fact there's nothing but
val in that tank.

I always like the "red crystal" val the best, prettier than jungle
val I think.

Here's some (not very good) pics of one flowering:



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