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Re: [APD] Re: killing algae vs growing plants

>>Yeah well, those of us that don't, need to get rid of it. It
>>needs to be killed on new plants coming in. You can, if you
>>want have hell alage spores in your tank like a ticking
>>time bomb just waiting for the right conditions but I've
>>put it on the endangered species list here.
>I can say the same and my plants look better as a result of the method I
chose, yours addresses none of the plant growth issues associated with plant

We don't actually disagree Tom, but I think we have different end goals. While
I'm very inetrested in plants, they're not my primary focus, breeding
fish (and now maybe shrimp) is, and I've eschewed the bare tank with
a sponge filter tried and true method for sticking mostly crypts, in
planters and placing them in the otherwise bare tank with a sponge filter.
This is not the kind of tank you're talking about I susect,
and I don't have any real problems in true planted tanks of which
there's a couple around here.

In aquiring crypta from many sources you're gonna end up with hell algae
as it seems to persits in other people tanks for literally decades when
all others don't seem to, and a quick treatment with peroxide quarentees
it's not going to gain a foothold in any of my tanks or which there are
at present 18 of them here in my office and only a couple could be described
as "optimal" or "heavily planted". Perpahe one day I'll be able to grow plants
like you've worked so very hard to do but for now I'll stick with my
little chamical dependancy and keep hall algae eradicated on all new material.

If I'd been able to get rid of the alagw I had your way I'd be doing that,
one day I will but for now this seems to work; the hall alage taken care of
I don't really have anything else to complain about.


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