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[APD] Re: Mini compact flourescents

Can someone clear me up on wattage issues, though?

Right now on the 10 gallon in question I have two
strip lights at 15w each of regular flourescent plant
bulbs.  Total 30 watts flourescent.

I have a spare incandescent strip light that I am
thinking of using to replace the other two lights.
It's easier for access to the tank.  If I use two 10w
compact flourescent lights instead, am I down from 30
watts to 20 watts over the tank...or does flourescent
and compact flourescent translate differently?  Or am
I thinking of indandescent bulbs?

I think you'll see similar light levels either way. With the two 15 watt NO flourescents, you'll get less restrike than with a coiled-type CF bulb. With the small linear-type CF assemblies made to replace incandescents I'm not sure what the comparison would be like. I doubt you'd *lose* any light though -- but you might not see much increase in light levels. If the bulb in question is a folded "U" shape you may well see an increase in light levels in your tank. If the bulb in question is one of the double folded U's (4 tubes in a little square arrangement), then your linear fixture won't get as much useful light out. IMHO, the 4-square tube arrangements work best in pendant-type fixtures (which is where I usually see them used commercially -- they are in round fixtures with the bulb mounted vertically), in linear/horizontal applications a large amount of the bulb's area is facing the reflector, and the typical aquarium reflector will not make good use of light that goes "up".

The basic watts/gallon rule usually means NO flourescents, although most people use it as an absolute and lump in PCF and MH lighting too. It is *never* applied to incandecent lights though, and when selecting an inexpensive incandescent-replacement lamp you need to use the *actual* wattage, not the *replacement* value. For example, a 13 watt PCF light might say it is equivalent to a 100 watt incandescent light (I'm just making up the number here), you would use the 13 watt value for the watts/gallon number.


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