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[APD] Co2/Pearling/Deficiency/Algae/Observations

Over the past month many of you have been helping me
with choosing and setting up my co2 system.  Now that
it's done, I wanted to let you all know what my
results have been.

My kh is 5, ph about 6.9, so I've finally found a good
setting for the co2 (65 gallon tank).  There's
pearling all over the place, from everything except my
riccia.  It also seems as if I get quite a few large
bubbles come up from the ground in my glosso patch,
but I think maybe that's just a buildup.

I've noticed my japonica shrimp are not quite as
visible as when I had the co2 lower, but the MTS are
more visible.  Any thoughts?  Do you think they are

My glosso has started growing much faster but many of
the leaves have pin holes in them and some of the
older ones are yellow.  I am using TMG and add one cap
of Seachem potassium (but no test to measure it). 
Last time I had a pinhole problem, it was a long time
ago on hygrophilia.  Adding potassium cured it, but
that's not to say that's the problem here.  I've
started breaking up the weekly recommended dose of TMG
into daily doses.  Any ideas on what deficiency this
might be?

I'm happy to say that my plants have no algae.  What I
do get is green spot on the glass (just a tiny bit)
and something like green dust on the glass (a lot).  I
have to clean the glass twice a week.  I am guessing
that I do not have my nutrients right for the amount
of light (220w) and co2.  Nitrates are 5.  Am I
overdosing or underdosing?


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