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[APD] Re: growth at night

>Yes, plants do grow at night.  Keep in mind that CO2 is used in photosynthesis.  Photosynthesis is the plants >method of creating food (i.e. sugars) which is then stored for use during growth (by the way fertilizers are not >food, they are nutrients).  Oxygen is a byproduct of the reaction.

>Here is the basic photosynthesis reaction:

>6CO2+ 12H2O +light energy--> C6H1206+ 6O2+ 6H2O

>C6H12O6 is glucose and is stored until needed for respiration. Photosynthesis only takes place during the day, >but photosynthesis is NOT responsible for growth in a plant, respiration is (well, actually it provides the energy >directly used for growth, but I don't want this to be too confusing).  

But there is no "net carbon gain" at night. Some/many define that as growth. If CO2 is not being reduced, then there is no net carbon gain. Plants don't take in CO2 at night except for CAM plants. 

Some also define growth or primary production as O2 evolved, especially in aquatic photosynthesis.

Neither of these occur at night.

So you could say plants don't "grow" at night.
They only respire. 
Finding research on plant respiration only is more problematic.

Tom Barr
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