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Re: [APD] AGA convention

Great to hear you enjoyed the convention. This was the
biggest so far and some last minute schedule changes made
things run later than planned on Saturday night, but it
sure looked like everyone was having a grand time,
including Mr. Amano. 

The GWAPA folks, led by Rick Dotson, hosted the convention
for the AGA and worked hard to make the convention run as
well as it did. So it's nice to hear the hard work had good
results. And folks from last year's host club, DFWAPC,
pitched in as well, like Larry Lampert, Ben Belton, Ricky
Caine and others who had no reason to pitch in except for
their love of, and dedication to, the hobby. Lots of other
folks also, but too numerous to mention here.

For those that missed it, there were some great
presentations and interesting discussions inside and
outside the presentaiton rooms -- from the changes in
Amano's technique since his last visit to the AGA to the
state of the aquatic hobby trade in Europe, Japan, andthe

Scott H.

--- Bill Wells <wwells1 at concentric_net> wrote:

> I don't often post because by the time I have read
> someone's question 
> someone else has already responded.  But, it doesn't look
> like anyone 
> has commented on this year's AGA convention yet so it
> looks like I get 
> to be the first to post something.  This past weekend the
> AGA held their 
> 5th annual convention in the Washington DC area and I was
> fortunate 
> enough to be able to attend.  There were a lot of great
> speakers and 
> workshops and a huge auction.  There was too much good
> stuff to 
> adequately cover so I will just say that if you are
> interested in 
> aquatic plants it is very worthwhile going to the AGA
> convention.  In 
> addition to the fine programs it is also a good
> opportunity to talk to 
> fellow plant fans.  I even got to meet the famous Tom
> Barr :).  So if 
> you haven't been to an AGA con yet, I highly recommend
> you really try to 
> make it to the next one.
> Later,
> Bill Wells
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