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[APD] RE: Campho phonic(sp) in tank, Duckweed and SMILES

What is the relationship between Campho phonic and duckweed?

For several months I have been plagued with duckweed in one of my tanks. I normally keep a nice supply of duckweed in one of my endler tanks, but I am careful to restrict it to that tank only. One day I noticed duckweed growing in another of my tanks. Much chagrined at my obvious neglect - most likely from using a net in both tanks and accidentally transferring a stray leaf, I set to work removing the duckweed. A few days later I noticed the duckweed back again, and set to work once more.

For several months I battled this noxious weed, and for several months it seemed the harder I worked the faster the duckweed grew.

Last night I was telling my wife about the Campho troubles, and as we sat there discussing how rotten some people can be, I thought (though just briefly) that perhaps I could solve my duckweed problem with Campho phonic. I admit that I would never REALLY put my tank through such an ordeal, but even as the malevolent thought passed out of my mind, a dark shadow crept in. 

Perhaps there WAS a connection between the duckweed and the Campho phonic.

"KIDS!!!!" I yelled. (they were all in different parts of the house and I wanted to make sure they ALL heard me.) Tiny hooves from 3 children thundered out of the 4 corners of the house, exuberant at the interjection to their before-bed routine.

Confident that I had their attention I asked, "Who's been putting duckweed in the "baby" tank."

My 7 year old boy became extremely distracted by something on his shoe. Perhaps he was realizing how obvious it was that he was not REALLY getting ready for bed while still wearing his running shoes.

My 5 year old girl darted a look at 3 yr old, then developed an "oh oh" look on her face mixed with delight at the potential perils of a sibling.

My 3 year old beamed, eyes open wide and with certain pride declared, "ME!!".

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