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[APD] Re: siesta

> From: Thomas  Barr <tcbiii at earthlink_net>
> Try AQ: Aquaticquotient.com
> APC:
> Aquaticplantcentral.com

Thanks for the links!

>> In my case, I don't think that would apply. I have the CO2 on a pH
>> monitor, so it never leaves the range 6.70-6.80, at a KH of 4.5,
>> which works out to about 20-30ppm CO2.
> Don't assume that without checking it.
> Error on the high side.

Well, I'm pretty sure those figures are right. It's easy to measure
KH down to +-0.5 degrees, and the pH monitor, after calibration, is
accurate to +-0.01 degrees (according to the manufacturer).
Double-checking with a pH indicator agrees with the reading given
by the pH monitor (although the indicator is obviously nowhere near
as precise).

>> I'm doing this at the moment. Not so much to try and reduce algae, but
>> to reduce light overall. My new tank has been set up for three weeks now.
> Well, you do not have an established stable system to test.
> You also need to do this several times, not just once to make any reasonable conclusion.

Agree. If find that controlling variables is one of the hardest things
when tinkering with my tank. It's difficult to keep everything stable
bar a single variable, and the feedback loop is slow. I find that, typically,
it takes at least three weeks to assess the effects of a change. That's
testing my patience, especially when things go wrong, and there is always
a temptation to step in and "do something else" in attempt to make it better.
Of course, as soon as I do that, any reliable conclusions about the effects
of any single change go out the window...

> Probably green dust algae. Scrub off and see if it reappears in a an hour or two.
> If so, then that's your alga.
> Scrub off and then immediately do a large water change to remove all the zoospores that will reattach back to the glass/rocks.
> It tends to go away on it's own after a few times of this.

I'll give this a try and see how it goes, thanks!

>>I'm dosing traces daily, and NO3 and PO4 every second day. (Especially
>>PO4 seems to disappear about as quickly as I pour it in, from 0.5ppm to
>>nearly zero within 48 hours.)
> Still think PO4 causes algae and that plants don't use it?

No! :-)



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