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[APD] Why do folks search for ways to kill algae?

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>Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 10:47:35 -0500
>From: "Matt Wassenhove" <wass29 at qconline_com>
>Subject: [APD] Re: BGA, EM and Blackouts
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>Has anyone tried adding Hydrogen Peroxide to the tank, and if so would this
>help to fight the BGA.  It is safe in the tank if used in the correct
>dosage.  I mean it's mostly just water and air right..


Yes, search archives, 
H2O2 is not harmless, it is a very strong oxidizer like bleach and can easily kill your fish and fry plants.
Several folks have lost fish when they did not follow the directions closely.

You need to make sure you do not over do it.
Blackout will not kill fish/impact the other bacteria. 
H2O2 is nice for spot killing in small dosings.
Some folks have used it in whole tank killing of their algae.

On the issue of alagicides:

I've never found algaicides, chemical treatments to work nor were _needed_ to control ANY algae issue to date.
It gets back to a simple philiosophy, grow the plants and the algae will not grow.

I can remove, prune, fluff off other algae, BGA/GW I can kill with blackouts.
I do not have a magic wand, it's the same old crap over and over again.
None of these removal methods cost any $ either, anyone can do them without killing fish/harming plants etc.

Why do folks search for algae killers and not work towards growing their plants more effectively?
That approach does not make any sense.

Your goal is growing the plants, not killing algae.
Algae will not grow if you grow the plants well.

The algicidal approach has it backwards.
Some folks do not quite understand why I fight against their use, well, if it's all backwards, what more can I say?

A common response "Well I need this crutch to help me get over this one issue"
No ya don't, you need to get the nutrients/CO2 right.
That's the only long term solution and that is what will make the plants grow better, not merely removing the algae........or so called "competition with plants"

"then the plants will then grow better..........."

Not without doing something about the CO2/nutrients they won't.

If algae is a constant issue, you need to work on a long term way to deal with it unless you enjoy learning about all the ways that ultimately do not work and do nothing for plant growth improvements. 

I've been down this road and know of all sorts of algae related tricks, the plant growth method is the best and the only long term method to get off that 3 ring circus/vicious circle with algae.

This philiosophy works in any type of tank, non CO2/CO2, marine etc

No algicide grows plants.

Tom Barr


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