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[APD] Re: Swapping out Co2 tank

I went ahead and took the plunge and got a JBJ all-in-one regulator and a new 10lb aluminum tank.
I doublechecked that it would be my own tank being filled and not a swap.  There seem to be lots of opinions on this and I've heard stories of moisture in the tank and other things.  Not sure about the stuff I've heard, but I like to keep my stuff clean and in good condition and it seemed to me that by reusing my own tank I would have a little more control over how it is kept and used (or abused).
A big part of the decision was also that all the local shops I checked were charging far more for a used tank than getting a brand new aluminum one online would be.
Many thanks to everyone who offered their thoughts and ideas....you are all an invaluable resource!  If I asked this stuff of my friends, they would look at me as if I had two heads...You spent WHAT for dirt for the bottom of your tank?  It just can be explained to the average person.


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