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[APD] problems with algae identification

We speak of algae types as if they are a single species; they are not.
Cladophora, for example, is an entire family of species which share
morphological characteristics, if not common biological ancestry.

Often what we think of as a single type of algae is in fact a mixture of
several kinds. A slimy, smelly algae with filaments is likely to be a
mixture of Spirogyra and various types of Cyanophyta.

The gritty, green algae film that I discovered floating on my newest
soil tank is probably not a single species either. The gritty texture is
probably the result of rotifers or the like. A very interesting website
is the Algae Gallery:


Mike has micro-photographs of several species of filament algae also
showing other creatures such as diatoms, desmids...

Steve P

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