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[APD] plastic fish

I was down at the LFS helping a friend get into planted tanks when I met an
obsessive impatient fellow.
His name was Bob Blovak. He asked me how to clean his plastic plants that
got algae on them.I suggested real plants(who had ever heard of using
plastic plants? Can you imagine?)

"For plastic plants: 19:1 part water: bleach mix, soak for 10 minutes,
rinse, add dechloro to rinse water, return to tank(no rinsing needed).
Later in a day or so, the gunk will fall off all on it's own. I use this
method to clean my plastic fish in my planted tanks. 
Many are very life like."

Bob asks,
"Don't folks have plastic fish?"

I replied,

"Why sure they do
They don't need "dosed" or fed
They all get along together
Never get diseases
I have trouble over stocking the tank
They don't jump out
They don't eat my plants
They are easy to catch if I want to move them from one tank to another
I can keep them the same size that I bought them at
Keeping real/live fish is too hard and you need RO water and a magic wand
Some people just have a "scaly thumb"(all my live fish turn brown and die)
Plastic fish never hide when you come up to the tank
They never move in front of a plant when you go to take a photos
There are no expensive plastic fish
There are no wild F0 plastic fish
You can pet your plastic fish
I can paint them any color I like(even that attractive gaudy dinner plate
Plastic fish never eat one another
The fish "fertilizer" is too expensive(1$ for a meal of live Brine shrimps?)
They do as well in Saltwater as they do Fresh water
High CO2 has no affect on them. 
They never sleep and look pale"

Tom Barr

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