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[APD] Re: new tank fertilizing

Tom Barr commented on the possibility of H2S generation with NNR, but as
that requires lower redox than NNR I was hoping that there would be none,
and in the three of the five test tanks broken down after five year's trial,
there were no telltales of H2S generation.  But that is what plenums are
supposed to avoid.  I see no biologic reason for lower redox areas higher in
the substrate than the NNR levels - why should that occur?

Two other plenum tanks are still operating, but one of those -the original
test tank - is going to be reset this fall.  The last setup will if possible
continue indefinitely, but I saw what I wanted from the tests, that NNR can
work in FW planted or not, and I don't plan to dig any deeper in that area.

Robert Ricketts

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