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[APD] Re: Co2 tank (otherwise known as I can't take it anymore)

I can't take DIY Co2 anymore....I have had it. 
Refilling bottles that don't last very long, unstable
output, trying many different recipes.  That's it for
me.  Time for an early Xmas present.

I have found a place near me that will fill up tanks: 
16.87 for 20lb and 14.10 for 10lb.  Here are some
tanks I found online:


They are charging $98.00 plus $14.95 for a brand new
20lb aluminum tank, which sounds like a good price to
me.  Has a CGA320 fitting.  The local fire
extinguisher shop is charging $125.00 for a used one.

I've never had a tank system before, so am wondering
if this is an appropriate tank?  I've also seen
regulator setups on Ebay for around $75.00.  They are
made by Milwaukee and have a solenoid, bubble counter
and needle valve enclosed.  If I got these two pieces
would I be set?  I am planning on injecting the Co2
into my Eheim 2026, which has worked well so far (when
my DIY is not dead or dying, that is).


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