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[APD] Brown Alge bloom in tank

I wonder if anyone can provide advise on how to deal with a bloom of brown slimy algae that appeared in my planted 70 Gallon tank this week. I did a 50% water change on Monday, along with removing most of the duck weed that had overgrown to the point of blocking out most to the overhead light. On Tuesday night I added 8 young discus and four small blue rams. Then on Wed the slimy brown algae bloom appeared on almost all plants near the surface of the tank. I removed most of the remaining duck weed and pruned all of the effected parts of the other plants and discarded them. I also did another 50% water change on Friday.

That seems to have slowed things down quite a bit, but there is still a presence of this brown algae.
The Ottos, snails and amino shrimp seem to have no interest in the brown algae. I have a total of 6 Ottos, six corydoras panda, two clown loaches, one Bolivian ram, four young blue rams, four young blue diamond discus, four young red diamond discus, and twelve cardinal tetras. There are also five amino shrimp and three purple apple snails in the tank as well. The clown loaches keep common and other snails in the tank under control and the Ottos snails and shrimp keep the algae under control. But none of the tanks inhabitants showed any willingness to address the brown algae.

My tank is a 70 gallon long, with 260 watts of Compact fluorescent lighting on 12 hours daily and CO2 injection at 30 bubble per minute. The water is 82 degrees F, 6.5 ph (electronically controlled) with low carbonate hardness. The substrate is Eco Complete gravel and a cable heating system is installed under the gravel.
The fish are fed once daily on live Black Worms, and an assortment of frozen foods.

Any advise that can be provided that would help me to address the algae problem would be appreciated. By the way this is my fist time posting to the list so please excuse me if I did not follow all the correct protocols.

Thank for your assistance,
Tom Cunningham

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