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Re: [APD] Brown Alge bloom in tank

Sorry I don't have any info on your algae bloom, but the clown loaches
and the apple snails together is just asking for trouble - especially
purple apple snails being rare, you don't want to lose them to a
fiesty loach. check out this link

clown loaches will attack any mollusc, that is what they eat in the
wild. That's just how they are designed. I'd recommend finding a
loach-free tank for your purple brigs :)


On Sat, 16 Oct 2004 12:26:36 -0400, "TMCunningham"
<tmcunningham at patmedia_net> wrote:

> The Ottos,  snails and amino shrimp seem to have no interest in the brown 
>algae. I have a total of 6 Ottos, six corydoras panda, two clown loaches, 
>one Bolivian ram, four young blue rams, four  young blue diamond discus, 
>four young red diamond discus, and twelve cardinal tetras. There are also 
>five amino shrimp and three purple apple snails in the tank as well.

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