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Re: [APD] treating change water

On Tue, 5 Oct 2004 20:53:09 -0700, "Steve Pushak"
<teban at powersonic_bc.ca> wrote:

>pH shift does not hurt fish. Variation in dissolved minerals is what
>causes osmotic shock.

should've read all posts before I replied. 

I didn't know this and it's contrary to most of what I have read
online - people are always talking about being careful of pH shifts.
Is that mainly because high ph is usually associated with harder water
and vice versa?

Anyway I think I am getting a pretty good idea what I will do with my
tank once I am done treating for ich and start doing regular water
changes again. (my medication recommends not to change water for the
course of treatment)  

My tank is usually not much warmer than room temp (the house is
generally kept in the low 70s and the tank is set to mid/high 70s)

It sounds as if I should be able to adjust my tank to 6.8 pretty
easily contrary to my initial impression :)   I don't mind not having
precise control. 

Well I will try to keep down to one reply on topic after this :)  


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