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[APD] Re: Chemists: Aluminum and the Freshwater Aquarium?

"I haven't tried a circulating setup, but I have had a piece of aluminum wire in several of my tanks for over 5 years and it shows no signs of corrosion (I used it as a cucumber-kabob for some fish). I would imagine you will get many, many years out of an aluminum radiator." - Bill

Thanks Bill, long term exposure was my concern since the radiator will be right over my main electrical distribution center to the tank. A leak would be more entertaining than I want.

Russell - I looked at the Iceprobe but for my setup it requires drilling the tank. I also looked at the Peltier (Thermo-electric) industry in general and there are a lot of products out there that could be adapted. I still prefer the radiator setup since it requires less electricity to run it.


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