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[APD] new here, and coppersafe


Sorry to hear you are having problems with ich.  Is there any chance you
have or can get access to a UV sterilizer for a week or so?  I brought some
cardinals home ages ago and dumped them in my quarantine tank.  A few days
later, I saw the ich.  After hooking up a UV and raising the temp to around
84 for almost 2 weeks, it cleared it up.  2 weeks were probably overkill but
I'm like that.

I wouldn't be concerned about doing this on a planted tank.  My main tank
stays around 82-84 all the time, I have discus, and I've run a UV on
multiple occasions for green water.

You can try just raising the temperature and doing water changes where you
siphon near the gravel.  The UV only kills things in the water column.

Good luck.

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