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Re: [APD] two unidentified plants

Hard to tell from the pics but the second could pass for
Echinodorus Augustifolius or E. tennellus. The former is 
an easy to grow plant that spreads by runners and does so
quickly with moderate to high light and a rich substrate or
nutrient rich water. The latter is more likely to be found
in lfss and has delicate roots and is a bit more difficult
to grow. 

Have to pass on the first, but it looks like immersed
growth. Plants are grown immersed (ony the base in water) 
in the nurseries which avoids algae and speeds growth
because the amount of CO2 available in the atmosphere is
much higher than in water. The submerged growth should come
out with shorter stems and longer leaves. The immersed
grown leaves will eventually be shed as new leaves grow out
from the center. Once the leaves are  yellowed, you might
as well prune them by gentling prying them back at the base
and pulling away from the base.

The leaves are missing the longitudinal "ribs" that would
identify one of the more common Echinodorus (sword) species
from lfss. So one of the Cryptocorynes is a good guess. In
which case, it will benefit from a rich substrate and might
take some time before it really takes hold.

--- "Anna R. Dunster" <azzacanth at livejournal_com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have two plants that weren't identified at the store
> (one of them my
> mom got for me).  I was wondering if you guys could help
> me out?
> Anything you know about either of these plants would be
> helpful.
> The first is an unidentified sword of some kind, which
> also has some
> yellowing leaves - also are the yellowing leaves a
> problem, or would
> that be relatively normal for a new plant?  (I've only
> had it a few
> weeks)
> http://hisbodylife.com/ipw-web/gallery/album08/sword
> The second is a very short almost grasslike (almost)
> plant. It has a
> bit of algae on it in the photo (for some reason since I
> got my last
> set of plants I have been getting green algae which I
> never got
> before.. but I also got a new lighting system so that
> could be it
> too).  I don't know anything about this plant at all.  
> It's maybe 2
> inches tall (if that). 
> You can see my harlequin rasboras out of focus in the
> background here
> :) and also a corner of my bronze wendtii I think.
> Anyway I would like to do the best I can for these plants
> but first I
> have to know what they are.  I've been doing some
> research but been
> having a very hard time finding any websites with clear
> identification
> characteristics for plants :/
> Thanks for any help you guys can give.
> ~Anna
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