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[APD] Too Many Plants?? Part 2

Thanks for the responses I've received thus far...

Rushui Guan suggested that it could be Nitrate. This is a good theory and I
checked the nitrates to find them at zero (I haven't been fertilizing for
months) and it shows in the test results.

Rachel Sandage suggested that my KH could be a problem, (also a good theory)
but I tested that last night to find it at the same level as my GH -- 6.

Something I believe I forgot to mention is that I haven't been doing my
water changes as frequently as I once was. Originally I was doing them once
a week, and lately I've dropped to about once a month.

So I went from fertilizing frequently, pumping plenty of CO2 and frequent
water changes to no fertilizing, infrequent water changes, adding oxygen at
night, and now I've turned off the CO2 altogether and I'm doing 20% water
changes every few days to see if I can solve the problem.

This morning the fish weren't gasping as badly as I've seen them, but every
fish in the tank was breathing heavily (they weren't all at the surface).

I'm still baffled by this. My subject line is referring to the amount of
oxygen the plants absorb from the water when the lights are off. Is it
possible to have so many (they are THICK) that they are absorbing all of the
oxygen -- even though I'm supplementing it?

Thanks again!

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