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Re: [APD] Re: Lighting

There are quite a few tests on the Krib were various bulbs were tested in
the same fittings the results of these test should be very comparable.

Lights from the same manufacturer like the Sera  or Osram tubes will most
likly be tested using the same criteria.Which means the values are very
compareble.  Which means it should be quite clear that it makes more sence
to use a Sera Daylight at 0.72 than the Sera Plant color at 0.54. Or to use
the Osram Fluora 77 at 0.71 rather than the  Biolux at 0.55

When buying a car with better stated feul economy figures it will probably
still mean I save petrol even though there is far greater difrences in the
test conditions when manufacturers tests cars.   I will still be using the
two cars in the same way.

Phillip Grobler
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