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Re: [APD] Too many plants??

When fishes are poisoned by Nitrite, they will be having difficulty
getting oxygen.

Check your water's nitrite level.

Good luck


On Mon, 20 Sep 2004 13:48:35 -0500, Kevin Sheller <kevmo at aplants_com> wrote:
> Too many plants?
> Every day, right before my lights turn on, my fish are breathing heavy and
> gasping at the surface of the tank. After the lights are on for a while,
> they seem to go back to normal.
> This to me sounds like too much CO2. Here's the kicker, though... I turned
> off my CO2 canister 3 days ago because they were acting like this. I've also
> been pumping Oxygen into the tank 24-hours a day for the last 3 days.
> So what the heck is going on?
> 75 gallon tank
> LOTS of plants (it's thick, mostly with slow-growers like crypts, marselia,
> anubias, dwarf sag.)
> 10 large rainbowfish
> 3 rosey barbs
> 10 killifish
> 2 golden algae eaters
> 2 SAEs
> PH 7.2 (since I can't keep the dang CO2 running)
> Nitrate 0 (I stopped fertilizing a few months ago)
> Here's the history:
> Tank was established February 2002.
> Ran CO2 24-hours a day to a PH of about 6.8
> Light: 200 watts
> GH and KH: ~6
> Water changes once a week, about 40%
> Fertilized 3 times per week (nitrate, iron, phosphate, potassium)
> Over time, I have switched from stem plants to slow growers.
> About 6 months ago, read something about running Oxygen during the night, so
> set up a timer for that.
> Stopped fertilizing because plants still seemed to pearl and no algae was
> forming.
> Over the past two months, fish have been getting sick a lot.
> CO2 canister expired finally. Got a new one.
> Noticed the fish gasping before the lights were to come on.
> Kept the Oxygen running past the light turn on time
> This wasn't working. Started turning down the Co2
> This wasn't working. Turned on the oxygen 24-hours a day.
> This wasn't working. Turned off the Co2 altogether.
> Three days later, fish are still gasping. I don't get it.
> What else can I do?? Remove the plants?
> Kevmo
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