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Re: [APD] Re: Pressurized CO2 Equipment

--- Dave Millman <dave at tactics_com> wrote:
> Without a bubble counter, it is substantially harder to
> adjust your CO2 
> rate. If your CO2 concentration is 10 ppm and you want to
> raise it, how far 
> do you turn the needle valve to get to your target?

Well, with a bubble counter, how many bubbles is enough of
a diff? Insofar as one might find bubble counting useful,
as Dan pointed out, just sticking the CO2 line into the
Aquarium will suffice and it costs nothing more.

I guess I only want to make the point that a newbie that
isn't interested in diy bubble counter construction and
that wants to conserve her or his cash can get by without a
bubble counter and she or he will still be able to enjoy
this great hobby.

I've found it as easy (maybe even easier) to make small
adjustments to my valve and measure the effects (pH/KH/CO2
table). If I have a bubble counter, and I do have several,
then I'll track how that relates to bubbles. Once that's
established, I'll get lazy and most of the time just count
bubbles rather than test. But every now and then I have to
test to see if everything is still in the same balance. But
once set up, with bubbles counter or not, I've found
pressurized systems need very little fiddling.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying bubble counters can't be
useful. I find them them useful. I merely disagree that
they are necessary. For those that do find them useful, or
even necessary, one can make one out of a small bottle, cap
or stopper, and some rigid tubing for next to nothing, or
by one for a few bucks, or buy one for a lot of bucks.
Possibly the best bargain going for someone that wants a
regulator and needle valve and maybe wants a bubble counter
or solenoid or both is the Milwaukee combo-all-in-one
assembly  -- it still seems hard to beat, especially at the
discount prices at which it can be found.

Good luck, good fun,
Scott H.

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